Author: Monica Ma

Monica Ma, CFP®, CFA® is an advisor and the chair of the Investment Committee at Blankinship & Foster LLC. She helps clients build sound investment portfolios and develop strategic plans to reach their goals. Since Monica is passionate about sharing her knowledge with women and retirees, she co-leads the firm's Wise Women and Living Wisely Educational Series. Monica is a member of the International Community Foundation's Investment and Finance Committee. She has been living in San Diego since 2008 and enjoys travelling and cooking with her family.

At tax time, it can become painfully obvious how much of your hard-earned money is sent to the government. Income from your investments can be a big contributor to your tax bill. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can keepREAD MORE

“My home is my castle” aptly expresses many clients’ deep and emotional connection to their homes. Whether it’s the blue chair in the living room or the rocking horse next to it, each item brings back fond memories, making itREAD MORE

Did you know that retirement (at least the way we know it) has only been around for 80 years? In 1935, the government established Social Security, and for the first time those entering retirement had a dependable source of income.READ MORE

A lot of thought goes into choosing investments for you. While our investment and planning process centers around your goals and needs, your investment portfolio is often vital to meeting those objectives. Whether the goal is to maximize long termREAD MORE

In our recent Living Wisely seminar titled, “Let’s Talk Estate Planning”, we delved into how instruments like trusts can help you manage your assets during your lifetime and after your death. A key takeaway was how important it is toREAD MORE

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