Alina full shot

Alina Stromberg

Director | Operations
Alina full shot

Alina joined Blankinship & Foster in 2020. She is skilled at managing business operations and brings a wealth of experience to our firm.  

The focus of Alina’s responsibilities is in the areas of human resources, information technology, finance, and firm culture. She works with our team to improve the quality and efficiency of B&F’s operations and to ensure our company’s success as we continue growing.  

Prior to joining Blankinship & Foster, Alina held positions at companies such as Sony, Intensity and Mitchell International. Throughout her career, she has helped companies execute complex projects and reach their operational objectives. In addition to her corporate work, she also taught MBA courses in organizational change and management.

Alina earned her master’s degree in International Management from the University of California, San Diego, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Houston. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, exercising, and traveling. She speaks four languages and enjoys practicing them.

What makes you proud to be part of the Blankinship & Foster team?

I work with wonderful colleagues who are knowledgeable, trustworthy, authentic, character-driven and have strong work ethics.

What quality of yours makes you best suited for what you do?

I enjoy variety in my life and in my job, and in this position, I can work in multiple areas of the company . . . technology, human resources, finance and a lot more.