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As an investment, residential real estate offers some great benefits: income, tax breaks, long term appreciation, and a hedge against inflation. However, it’s not for everyone, and there are some major downsides to be aware of. Here we’ll discuss theREAD MORE

While America is often dubbed the land of opportunity, a surprising number of people are under the impression that a high income or inheritance is a prerequisite for making it to millionaire status. However, the perception that you need toREAD MORE

With three major pieces of tax legislation passed in the last four years, we enter 2024 with more nuances, more inflation adjustments, more expiring tax breaks, and more rules to follow. Here are the highlights. To see all the details,READ MORE

As financial planners, we run a lot of retirement projections. We tend to assume a long life to account for the financial impact of longevity. Long life in our projections is typically age 96. The idea is that there isREAD MORE

Retirement should be about exploring items on your bucket list, not worrying about your finances. But for many, it’s overshadowed by the looming question: “Will my money last?” In fact, an alarming 56% of Americans are concerned that their savingsREAD MORE