Financial Planning for Physicians / Doctors

Welcome to Part 3 of our Physicians Side Hustles series. In Part 2, we talked about secondary sources of income that physicians are tapping into to supplement their earnings and pay off debt. In this third installment, we’ll explore howREAD MORE

There is no question that becoming a physician is at the top of demanding, yet rewarding, career paths. A great deal of doctors are inspired to practice medicine because of their lifelong passion for learning and helping people. Others enjoyREAD MORE

After graduating medical school, doctors-in-training enter a phase of their education focused on their specialty of choice. During this time, they’re called “residents”, and though they earn an income, it is only a fraction of the income they’ll earn onceREAD MORE

For most doctors medicine is a calling not a profession. They choose to enter the medical profession because they want to help people, have an innate need to contribute to society and want a fulfilling career that allows them toREAD MORE

In our article, Physician Side Hustles: Are They Right for Me?, we discussed how secondary sources of income, or “Side Hustles” are becoming more common among physicians. Already popular with Americans as a whole, many doctors are finding that theyREAD MORE