Retirement is a new beginning

As you begin to look toward your next chapter it’s perfectly natural to feel both excitement and trepidation. “Can I afford to retire?” “will I run out of money?” “What will I do with my time?” We commonly hear these questions, and we are ready to help you find the answers.

Sound planning leads to peace of mind

We have over 100 years of collective experience helping people plan for retirement. We’ll help you to:

  • DEVELOP a clear vision of the future.
  • BUILD an integrated plan focused on the financial and life outcomes you really want.
  • ANTICIPATE and prepare for the challenges and opportunities that retirement brings.

4-part series answering key questions about building your plan, positioning your investments, and more.

Guidance for all the milestones ahead

Comprehensive retirement planning requires a deeper look into all the areas of your finances, so you can make the important decisions with confidence. We’ll help you work through them all. By bringing each issue into clear view and creating manageable action steps, we’ll address all the aspects of your retirement planning together.

Important retirement milestones
50 Retirement Catch-Up Contributions

You may begin making catch-up contributions to your IRAs and employer retirement accounts in the year you turn age 50.

50–60 Long-Term Care Insurance

You should learn more about long-term care insurance and if it makes sense for you. Please contact us to discuss your long term care insurance options.

55 HSA Catch-Up Contributions

You may begin making catch-up contributions to your Health Savings Account in the year you turn age 55.

591/2 Waived Early Withdrawal Fee on Retirement Plans

Distributions from all IRAs ad employer retirement plans are no longer subject to a 10% early withdrawal penalty.

62 Early Social Security

You may begin receiving Social Security benefits at a permanently reduced rate. Before starting Social Security benefits, let us help you develop the best strategy available to you.

65 Medicare

You should enroll for Medicare during the seven month initial enrollment period to avoid penalties. This period includes the three months before your birthday month, your birthday month, and the three months after your birthday month. Please contact us to discuss your Medicare options.

66–67 Full Social Security

You may begin receiving your full Social Security benefits or you may choose to delay them and receive a projected increase in future benefits. Please contact us to confirm your Social Security strategy has not changed.

70 Delayed Social Security

If you have delayed taking Social Security benefits, you should apply for your benefits to begin at age 70. There is no advantage to further delay.

73 Required Minimum Distributions

You must begin taking Required Minimum Distributions from your retirement accounts in the year you turn age 701/2 (unless you are an active employee and not a 5% owner). Failure to take these distributions can result in large penalties.

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