Five years before retirement is a prime time to sharpen your retirement planning. If you don’t have clear retirement goals, or if you’ve fallen behind on some of them, there are measures you can take to get caught up. ThingsREAD MORE

Medicare is the primary health insurance for U.S. citizens over 65. Unless you (or your spouse) are still working and covered by an employer-sponsored group health plan, everyone ages 65 and older must sign up for Medicare to obtain healthREAD MORE

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 changed the tax planning calculus for a lot of taxpayers. Among the many changes in this landmark tax act, one change was to eliminate the ability to recharacterize amounts converted into aREAD MORE

One of the best things about retirement is freedom. Without the shackles of work weighing you down, you can choose how to spend your day, and where you’ll spend it. One of those freedoms is where to live. But despiteREAD MORE

We were recently asked to help someone who had a very unusual problem with her 401(k). While the combination of problems was unusual, the situation illustrated several common mistakes people make. In this case, the combination of mistakes compounded intoREAD MORE

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