Financial Planning

As financial planners, we run a lot of retirement projections. We tend to assume a long life to account for the financial impact of longevity. Long life in our projections is typically age 96. The idea is that there isREAD MORE

In today’s digital world, more and more families’ finances are being managed online. Everything from paying bills, managing utilities, and scheduling medical appointments may be done online these days. When it comes time to take a more active role inREAD MORE

You hired your financial advisor with the hopes of getting sound advice to navigate your financial matters. But like any relationship, there may come a time when things just aren’t working out. Whether it’s high fees, lackluster customer service, orREAD MORE

When it comes to wealth-generating occupations, physicians usually make the top of the list. In reality, most early-career physicians are actually HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet). “High earners not rich yet” individuals have a better opportunity to get onREAD MORE

At any time in your career, you may find yourself pondering resignation. You may wish to leave your current job because of an offer from another company, or you are moving out of the area, maybe you are ready toREAD MORE