Healthy and Inexpensive Hobbies for Retired Seniors

Retirement can be the best stage in a person’s life, and the quality of life during senior years is drastically enhanced by staying active. It’s no secret that participating in physical activities at any age is one of the keys to living a long and healthy life. What researchers are increasingly discovering, however, is that longevity and good health are also tied closely with staying active socially and mentally. There are many hobbies for seniors that can achieve one or more of these goals.

Do you have a mental picture of the perfect lifestyle after you stop working? What are some of the things to do in retirement that will make you excited to get up in the morning? Along with the practical topics, like meeting monthly financial obligations, the financial advisors at Blankinship and Foster, want to know about your interests. We want to help you plan a future so you can enjoy spending time with friends and family, maintaining physical fitness, and continuing to participate in mentally stimulating activities.  

The right choice for you

Isolation is one of the biggest problems among older folks. There are many ways to get out and get moving that don’t cost a dime. Playing cards or games with friends or volunteering somewhere are both free and good for your emotional health. Exercise can also be a great way to get out of the house and around other people. Joining a gym, a yoga studio or a ballroom dance group not only improves fitness but have the added benefit of providing an opportunity to socialize. All of these things challenge your brain as well, which has been proven to help ward off the effects of aging.

One of the most relaxing and rewarding things you can do in your senior years is to consider adopting a pet. Having a little creature to take care of and keep you company can literally add years to your life! Pets have been shown to lower blood pressure and decrease depression and dogs in particular make great walking partners.

Ease your mind and free up your time

It’s exciting to think about all the activities that you’ll finally have time for after you leave the workforce. Planning ahead to ensure financial stability is the foundation that will allow you to enjoy this stage of life just as you imagined it.

Because we know that your goals will change along with you during this time, we offer financial services specifically for retired seniors. We not only help you set up a good financial plan for retirement in advance, but are there to guide you every step of the way.

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