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These days it seems as if wealthy people are everywhere. And thanks to the pandemic, that may be partly true. A 2022 Oxfam study showed that 573 people became new billionaires during the pandemic — equivalent to one every 30READ MORE

Quarter in Review The big story in the first quarter of 2023 was the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, Credit Suisse and two other regional banks, representing the largest banks to fail since 2008. This caused a brief period ofREAD MORE

When it comes to wealth-generating occupations, physicians usually make the top of the list. In reality, most early-career physicians are actually HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet). “High earners not rich yet” individuals have a better opportunity to get onREAD MORE

Although signs of a recession loomed large throughout 2022, the US economy has remained resilient. But even after multiple interest rate increases, and continuing hikes expected throughout early 2023, many economists are expecting a mild recession. According to the averageREAD MORE

A high-net-worth individual, or HNWI, is generally someone with a minimum of $1 million in liquid financial assets. Liquid financial assets can be quickly converted into cash. They typically include checking and savings accounts as well as liquid investments suchREAD MORE