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Retirement should be about exploring items on your bucket list, not worrying about your finances. But for many, it’s overshadowed by the looming question: “Will my money last?” In fact, an alarming 56% of Americans are concerned that their savingsREAD MORE

You hired your financial advisor with the hopes of getting sound advice to navigate your financial matters. But like any relationship, there may come a time when things just aren’t working out. Whether it’s high fees, lackluster customer service, orREAD MORE

Quarter in Review Economic growth in the third quarter looks to have been strong, with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s GDP Now forecast running at around 4.9% for the quarter. That indicator has a mixed record, so take thatREAD MORE

Blankinship & Foster is pleased to announce that it has been named one of America’s Top RIAs in Financial Advisor Magazine’s 2023 RIA survey. The firm was previously named one of America’s Top RIAs in Financial Advisor Magazine’s 2022 RIA survey.READ MORE

For many, achieving a high net worth and quitting work to live a life of luxury is the ultimate dream. And some millionaires do just that – retire and live off their accumulated wealth, income streams, investments, with guidance fromREAD MORE