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A common question we are asked is, “how much insurance should I have?” As wealth managers, we evaluate all types of insurance, from life, health and disability insurance to property and liability insurance.  When providing life insurance guidance, we takeREAD MORE

You may have heard this common axiom regarding auto insurance: “Don’t pay for any more insurance than necessary; buy only what you are required to by the state and save the money.” What’s the problem with this advice? It leavesREAD MORE

A lot of Baby Boomers are retiring, and many of them spend their extra time travelling. For some, that has meant hopping in a recreational vehicle and roaming the highways and byways of the Continental United States. For others, thatREAD MORE

Medicare is the primary health insurance for U.S. citizens over 65. Unless you (or your spouse) are still working and covered by an employer-sponsored group health plan, everyone ages 65 and older must sign up for Medicare to obtain healthREAD MORE

Services such as VRBO.com, AirBNB, and HomeAway have made it easier to turn a home into a rental property, and the homeowner into a landlord. But how can you assure your rental property is insured against damage? If you’re amongREAD MORE

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