Living Wisely

The Homeowners insurance situation in California has not been good. Following a surge in wildfires (over 1.5 million acres have burned in the past five years, according to CalFire) property insurers have faced mounting losses. Many either stopped renewing policiesREAD MORE

Sudden wealth event considerations A financial windfall can be a real blessing. Whether it’s from selling a business or real estate, an inheritance, lottery winnings, or a legal settlement, a sudden wealth event can change your life. For those whoREAD MORE

After more than two years of being stuck at home, there are a lot of people who are ready to pick up and go. ANYWHERE! International travel is more “adventurous” in the COVID era- the pandemic is still raging inREAD MORE

It’s 2022 and life is busier than ever. As society normalizes after the COVID pandemic, people all over the world are resettling back into a life of commutes, time in the office (and away from home), and the hustle andREAD MORE

I recently had the pleasure of joining my clients for the christening of their new boat. It was one of those rare experiences when you can share the moment as a lifelong dream comes true. This dream was a longREAD MORE