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Charitable Giving

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 changed a lot about living in California. While the Standard Deduction doubled, personal exemptions were eliminated, and several prominent deductions were capped or eliminated, including: Deductions for state and local taxes (income,READ MORE

The San Diego region is known as one of the most generous communities nationwide. In fact, Charity Navigator named San Diego America’s Most Charitable City. Wise charitable giving helps ensure our generous gifts count and make a difference. But asREAD MORE

After years of “patches”, “extensions” and other temporary maneuvers, Congress has finally made Qualified Charitable IRA Distributions permanent. With the benefit of this permanence, you can now plan ahead to take advantage of the great tax planning opportunities this strategyREAD MORE

Recently I wrote about having a charitable giving plan, and how that can allow people to be strategic about their charitable gifts. As tax rates have been on the rise lately, many people have been looking for ways to reduceREAD MORE

Charitable IRA Rollovers (also called Qualified Charitable Distributions, or QCDs), have been allowed by IRS rules off and on since 2006. The most recent extension of the rules expired in 2013, and has not yet been renewed. However, in JulyREAD MORE

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