Wealth Management Process

Wealth Management Process

Streamlined, personal wealth management

As a first step, we listen carefully to learn about you and what’s important to you.

Our mutual success hinges on having completely open, two-way communication and transparency throughout the lifetime of our professional relationship. Gaining an understanding of you, your family situation, your vision for the future, lifestyle and goals and tolerance for risk is an important first part of our process. We review all of your financial information and your situation in depth, analyze and summarize key information, provide observations and recommendations, and help you navigate complex concepts, so you can make decisions with a full understanding of all the issues.

We believe it is essential to understand what is important to our clients, before we can serve their long-term financial needs and act as financial advocates on their behalf.

img-step-by-step-planningCustomized, step-by-step planning

We work with you to create an integrated wealth plan: a step-by-step plan for your financial future.

This integrated wealth plan is customized for you. It will consider your needs, concerns, goals and objectives, and everything that affects or will affect your finances, such as taxes, cash flow considerations, risk management, estate and charitable planning. As part of the wealth plan, we will design an investment portfolio (links to Investment Management & Philosophy page) that considers your needs, situation, preferences and concerns. Once we’ve agreed on your integrated plan and the portfolio design that best helps you get from where you are to where you want to go, we’ll help you implement this plan.

On a continuing basis, we’ll meet with you and continue to discuss and update your wealth plan. Our ongoing process helps ensure that you will have the financial resources to support and manage what is most important to you throughout your life.