Transitioning Into RetirementTransitioning Into Retirement

Transitioning into retirement involves more than just calendaring your last day at the office. A number of decisions typically follow the decision to retire. Benefit choices, medical insurance options, Social Security, and retirement account decisions are only the beginning. As part of the ongoing planning and advice we provide, we’ll help you navigate the choices and make the best decisions for your situation.

Maximizing Benefits

We’ll help you create a strategy to utilize and coordinate all your benefits and assets including:

  • Optimizing Social Security benefits
  • Navigating Medicare and medical insurance options
  • Pension choices
  • Executive and insurance benefits
A Plan for Income and Assets

An Income Plan coordinates income sources and asset distributions, so you won’t have to spend time worrying about how to pay for your daily needs. We’ll help you to:

  • Identify sources of income throughout retirement
  • Plan for expenses like travel and hobbies, as well as major expenses like automobiles and vacation homes
  • Generate and access income from your savings and investments
  • Develop a distribution strategy for your retirement savings plans
  • Develop a family legacy plan for family and charitable gifting

Living Comfortably Throughout RetirementMaintaining Your Plan Throughout Retirement

A good retirement plan, like retirement itself, is just a beginning. It shows you clearly where you are, ad gives you confidence in the direction you’re going. Once you’ve developed a financial strategy that works for you, we’ll help you track it and check back with you to make sure it’s still working.

One of the only things that is certain in life is change. We don’t just build a plan for you and leave you to implement it on your own. We help you regularly evaluate how your plan is working, and to gauge whether you are on track.

The Financial Independence plan that we create with you will give you the peace of mind to focus on where you are going, and not have to worry about where you are.

Retirement-3We’re With You for All of Life’s Changes

Even with good planning, unexpected events do occur. We are prepared to help you during these emotional and trying times, and will help guide you through important financial decisions that may include:

  • Birth of a grandchild
  • Loss of a spouse
  • Serious illness or continuing care needs
  • Legacy, philanthropic and inter-generational planning

We help you plan for and navigate all the stages of your retirement, so you will have the clarity of knowing what comes next, the confidence that you’ve made the right choices, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re going in the right direction.

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