Preparing for Career Transitions

Qualcomm’s announcement about impending layoffs came as a surprise to many in San Diego. Employees and executives at all levels are now facing some serious challenges regarding career transitions and their financial future. Top level management and executives may be particularly impacted in the local market as these layoffs come on the heels of other recent layoffs in the tech industry. Despite the relatively strong job market for highly skilled and experienced workers, a job search for a senior executive or engineer can still take quite some time. For those outside the Qualcomm workforce, the news is a reminder that job security is never a given in today’s economy.

As with any career transition, planned or unplanned, being prepared financially for what lies ahead makes a tremendous difference in achieving the best possible outcome from transitions.

If you’re facing an impending layoff, or have perhaps simply become a bit complacent with your job security and financial future, it’s time to ensure you have some proper transition planning in place.

We’ve prepared these “7 Tips To Prepare For Pending Layoffs” as a quick checklist to begin your review.

If you know someone who will be affected by the Qualcomm layoff, please share this with them.

This may be a difficult time for a lot of people, but with the proper planning it can be overcome and perhaps lead to greater opportunities.

At Blankinship & Foster we’ve been helping senior executives successfully plan and prepare for transitions through all stages of their careers and into retirement. Please reach out to us if we can assist you, or someone you know, with financial and investment strategies for clarity, confidence and direction for your financial future.