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It’s been more than ten years since the end of the last recession, which is one of the reasons people have been talking about it lately. Historically, recessions come along every 5-7 years, and so by that measure, we’re overdueREAD MORE

Over the past few weeks, interest rates have dropped significantly. The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury Note has plummeted to the lowest levels since 2016, and worldwide about a quarter of all bonds are trading at negative yields. WithREAD MORE

If you have the good fortune to receive an inheritance of $1,000,000, congratulations! Celebrate with a good bottle of champagne and offer a toast of thanks to your benefactor. However, financial advisors recommend a cooling-off period before you start spendingREAD MORE

For many people just starting out in their careers, planning for retirement is somewhat of an abstract concept because it’s just too far away. But the fact is that it’s easier to make money when you’re younger. Most of usREAD MORE

Last month, we discussed some of the benefits of including real estate in your investment mix. These include income, diversification and, in the case of owning property directly, some significant tax advantages for owning income properties. I also mentioned thatREAD MORE

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