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Estate Planning

At our recent Living Wisely educational luncheon, we discussed the subject of fostering a legacy of peace and harmony. A great wealth of information was shared by our panel of two attorneys and one private fiduciary.  Here are the topREAD MORE

As Baby Boomers start to approach their “Golden Years,” housing is one of the more challenging issues to plan for. Most senior citizens prefer “Aging in Place” in their own home. However, medical, safety, and economic concerns may make stayingREAD MORE

Most affluent Californians have some form of an estate plan. While a will is a necessity, many people have invested in a comprehensive package including a will, trust, powers of attorney and advanced health care directive. As discussed previously inREAD MORE

A terminal illness is an emotionally complex time for everyone involved. It’s clearly not the best time to be making decisions that can impact your family for years or even for generations. Yet many put off making financial and estateREAD MORE

When planning estates, most tend to focus on the big tickets items such as the house and investments. These items are important but it’s also important to include estate personal property that will be passed on to your heirs. OftenREAD MORE

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