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When you first became a physician, you may not have considered ways to earn extra income, follow your passions or satisfy your intellectual curiosity. After all, physicians like you work hard and are dedicated to their important jobs. As you’veREAD MORE

Variable annuities are sometimes touted as good investments, but how good are they really? A deep dive into the murky depths of an annuity contract reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly math behind these complex and often misunderstoodREAD MORE

Although signs of a recession loomed large throughout 2022, the US economy has remained resilient. But even after multiple interest rate increases, and continuing hikes expected throughout early 2023, many economists are expecting a mild recession. According to the averageREAD MORE

In our recent article, Retirement Planning Update: SECURE Act 2.0, we discussed some of the key features of the Act as they pertain to retirement planning. Here are some additional noteworthy features of SECURE Act 2.0. Reduced Penalties for missingREAD MORE

Many of us watch our parents getting older with some concern. They may be doing fine now, but we know that most older people eventually need some help. The need for help may increase gradually over time, but in manyREAD MORE