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SAN DIEGO, CA — Blankinship & Foster was nominated as a finalist in the Union Tribune’s San Diego’s Best 2018 readers poll. Click here to learn more about the list and the selection process. About Blankinship & Foster, LLC BlankinshipREAD MORE

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 changed the tax planning calculus for a lot of taxpayers. Among the many changes in this landmark tax act, one change was to eliminate the ability to recharacterize amounts converted into aREAD MORE

Planning for the Decumulation Phase of life Among life’s big transitions, the change from working to retirement is one of the biggest. Retirement can bring changes in your lifestyle, your social connections, your day-to day activities. For many, the mostREAD MORE

Have you ever looked at an empty toolbox and wondered what should be in there? What are the fundamental tools that a craftsman absolutely must have? For financial planners, two of the most important tools are a person’s balance sheetREAD MORE

Is it too early to envision retirement when you’re in your 50’s? Many of us “50-somethings” would say yes- we’re still deep in the middle of career and family building, and retirement may be just a vague concept in ourREAD MORE