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Car travel is pretty much unavoidable in California. About fourteen million automobiles are registered in the state, and there are about twenty-five million drivers. With so many cars and drivers on the state’s roads, it’s not surprising that there areREAD MORE

By the end of 2021, demand for second homes was up 77% from pre-pandemic levels,according to the real estate brokerage Redfin.This was partly due to the considerable number of second-home buyers, driven by the flexibility of remote work and otherREAD MORE

Quarter in Review  Global capital markets continued to struggle during the second quarter of 2022. Multiple factors continued to drive high inflation including excess stimulus from prior years, a relaxation of COVID restrictions (and personal restraint) across developed markets atREAD MORE

Have you ever applied for a loan and been told you need to provide a personal net worth statement? Did you have one ready? A personal net worth statement is an important tool that shows the financial health of anREAD MORE

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication -– Leonardo da Vinci We’ve all seen or heard about the guy at work who makes his job seem more complicated than it really is so that it’s harder to lay him off. Wall StreetREAD MORE