Financial Advisor Jokes

Financial advisors and wealth managers are part of a very serious industry. To be entrusted with another person’s financial future is a big responsibility. The job requires advisors to study market data and attempt to make accurate projections in an often uncertain economy. It would be fair to say there is nothing funny about working in this field.

From the client’s viewpoint, putting money in someone else’s hands is also not a laughing matter. The numbers on their monthly statements can be cause for a celebration or a headache. What do you do when your only options are laugh or cry? We have assembled a list of the best financial advisor jokes to refer to when the stress gets to be too much.

Our favorites…

“Who handles financial matters in a monastery?
That’s nun of your business.”

“Where do financial advisors tell working dogs to keep their investments?
In 401K-9’s.”

“Why couldn’t the advisor get people to buy bonds?
Not enough interest.”

“I was thinking about going into business and opening my own distillery, but my financial advisor thinks that’s a whiskey investment.”

“My financial advisor asked me .”What is your net worth?” I said, “I don’t own a net” “

And you thought the business of investing and planning for your future was a somber topic!

Something to look forward to

Financial advisor jokes aside, we understand the stress the COVID-19 pandemic has had on folks in this country. 2020 was a tough year for all of us, and not only because of the instability in the economy and stock market. Looking ahead to the coming months, however, there are plenty of reasons for optimism.

With vaccine distribution in full swing, we are hopeful that this year is going to end on a more positive note than the last. And the government has infused trillions into the economy through COVID-relief programs, which has resulted in a stabilizing effect on the stock market. Click here to read about our investment predictions for 2021.

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