Tax Planning

Picture the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as an industrial-sized broom: it covers a huge area with just one sweep. In our previous article we discussed some of the key changes this landmark tax overhaul brings for individuals. Let’s focusREAD MORE

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) is the most sweeping change to the tax code in three decades. Passed by Congress and signed into law on December 22nd, TCJA permanently modifies taxes for corporations, but it alsoREAD MORE

It’s December, and the holiday season is upon us once more. It can be a busy time of the year, and the remaining days of 2017 can go by in a flash. There is a lot of uncertainty about taxREAD MORE

A popular economic theory suggests that if tax rates are at zero or 100%, the government will raise no revenue in either case. At 100%, all income goes to the government so there is no incentive for people to work,READ MORE

2017 promises to be a very interesting year. What will the Donald Trump presidency and the Republican majority in Congress mean for your taxes and your investments? No one can say for sure. But that’s why it’s so important toREAD MORE

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