With Valentine’s Day just a couple days away, it seems timely to talk of l’amour—or more specifically, about marriage and love in retirement. Is Retirement Hazardous to Marriage and Love? The divorce rate among baby boomers has nearly doubled inREAD MORE

Did you know that retirement (at least the way we know it) has only been around for 80 years? In 1935, the government established Social Security, and for the first time those entering retirement had a dependable source of income.READ MORE

Social Security is a big topic on a lot of our clients’ minds. The rules can be confusing, but the good news is you have a lot of choices that can really help in retirement. Here are five important SocialREAD MORE

I’ve worked with several couples with very different birthdates. This isn’t good or bad – as they say, the heart wants what it wants. Still, the financial planning considerations are a little different than for people who marry someone closerREAD MORE

In our recent Living Wisely seminar titled, “Let’s Talk Estate Planning”, we delved into how instruments like trusts can help you manage your assets during your lifetime and after your death. A key takeaway was how important it is toREAD MORE

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