Over 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day. And that will happen each and every day for the next 3 decades! Age 65 used to be thought of as the age to retire. That’s changed. More and more people are workingREAD MORE

I hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays. As we ring in the New Year and start our client review cycle, one of the things that we do for our clients is to review the beneficiary designations of their retirement accounts (pensions,READ MORE

IRA & QRP Retirement Account Distribution Rules — With the year-end approaching, an important deadline for retirement account owners is also coming: Required Minimum Distributions. This article will deal with some of the distribution rules surrounding IRAs and Qualified RetirementREAD MORE

There has been a lot written about Social Security lately, but I was stunned recently by a presentation at the UCSD Economics Roundtable. According to Professor John Shoven of Stanford University (who studies Social Security, aging and retirement), the VASTREAD MORE

“I think most clients don’t really think to coordinate with the charity as to how they should be gifting. Most clients will just write a check or drop $50 in the collection jar.” —Rick Brooks, June 17 interview with InvestmentREAD MORE

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