When planning estates, most tend to focus on the big tickets items such as the house and investments. These items are important but it’s also important to include estate personal property that will be passed on to your heirs. OftenREAD MORE

Quarter In Review So far, 2017 has emerged to be a very positive one for global stock markets, and the second quarter was no exception. We saw developed international stocks jump 6.1% while emerging-market and larger-cap U.S. stocks gained 6.3%READ MORE

Let’s face it: debt is part of the American way of life. According to the Federal Reserve, total consumer debt (mortgage, credit card, auto and other) totals $12.7 trillion, or roughly 99% of disposable personal income. Of this, revolving debtREAD MORE

We all hear stories of celebrities such as Prince dying without proper estate documents. It’s natural to wonder how they could be so irresponsible. But estate problems are not limited to irresponsible people. In fact, even people who had aREAD MORE

A popular economic theory suggests that if tax rates are at zero or 100%, the government will raise no revenue in either case. At 100%, all income goes to the government so there is no incentive for people to work,READ MORE

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