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At Blankinship & Foster, we believe the more informed you are, the easier it will be for you to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. Below are a few of our recent blog articles and informational postings. Please use the menu on the right to view blog postings by category or search our site to find information specific to your type of situation.

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Despite a challenging first quarter and some decidedly mixed headlines during the second quarter, things have been looking up for investors. Stock markets looked to improving economic indications for guidance and shrugged off geopolitical concerns. Larger-cap U.S. stocks were upREAD MORE

How Do Roth Conversions help build wealth? There are three ways Roth IRA Conversions help build wealth: One is by avoiding taxable Required Minimum Distributions, which begin at age 701/2 for traditional IRAs. Another is by allowing more of yourREAD MORE

Having just returned from London and Brussels, my wife and I put a lot of thought into how we would manage our spending while overseas. The good news is that today there are a lot of options for people whoREAD MORE

Our founders, Jack Blankinship and Charles Foster, shared a vision for a financial advisory firm dedicated to doing their very best for the clients they served. Together they championed the fee-only movement to eliminate self-serving commissions, to always act inREAD MORE

People planning for their retirement face some big questions. The ones we most often hear include: “How much of a ‘paycheck’ can I pay myself in retirement?” “What if that paycheck isn’t enough to cover my expenses over time?” “HowREAD MORE

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