Case Studies

Case Studies

Solving the Retirement Income Puzzle Solving the Retirement Income Puzzle

A married couple wanted guidance for an income strategy as they approached retirement. They had saved for many years in company 401k plans, IRAs and other accounts, and now needed a plan on how to best withdrawal from these assets and to maximize income. We helped them develop a withdrawal plan to maximize cash flow throughout retirement. Through tax planning, including a series of Roth IRA Conversions, and incorporating strategies to maximize their Social Security benefits, we developed a clear and understandable income plan. By planning ahead, they gained flexibility and better control of their taxes, leaving more of their wealth for doing what is important to them.

Easing Tough Transitions in LifeEasing Tough Transitions in Life

Our long-time clients were dealing with the husband’s declining health. As he became less able to manage their finances, we helped the wife become more comfortable with being the decision-maker, by familiarizing her with key concepts and serving as a sounding board.

We reviewed their financial and estate planning, and confirmed that the wife would be in solid financial condition after he passed away.

This gave both of them great peace of mind, and allowed them to focus on spending quality time together. After the husband passed away, we helped the wife through the estate settlement process and continued to guide her in investment and financial decisions. While nothing could replace the loss of her partner and spouse, the burden of worrying about her finances was lifted.

Creating a Post-Divorce Action Plan Creating a Post-Divorce Action Plan

A client came to us after she divorced her husband. Since her husband had handled the investments, she felt unsure on how to best manage them going forward. She also recognized that the settlement would become her primary source of income for the rest of her life. Through our meetings with her, we have helped her better understand her investments, the choices she has, and the income she can safely expect. We helped her identify what kind of home she could afford, and how that would impact her spending and cash flow. She was in position to make informed decisions that were best suited for her.